New address

Most posts from this blog have been copied to a new server, run by myself. The idea is to make it easy to invite contributions from outside the university, and to have more flexibility in the administration of the site. If you are subscribed to e-mail updates to this site, you will need to subscribe again at the new server. In the new server you will no longer receive repeated messages each time I fix a typing mistake! (At last!)

The new address is:

See you at our new “home”! There are already some new posts over there.

New name, new aim, new target audience

When I started this blog I had hoped it to become a communication channel for our division’s teachers and our students. In about two years, I have been almost the only one writing posts. Very few posts have been related to activities or events in our division. Because of this, I am changing the blog’s name to one that reflects better its real contents. I will from now on advertize it more widely and include even more varied content.