Fascinating Chemistry for All – Dissertation on the Opportunities and Challenges of Separation in Chemical Science Education

How to best support all children and young people in the learning and study of fascinating chemistry? How can the latest research knowledge on chemistry and its learning be refined to be relevant to the various target groups from early childhood education to higher education? How to increase personal, professional, and societal relevance to chemistry studies? How do important topics in sustainable development and chemistry be meaningfully taught to future creators? These key questions, for example, will be answered in the research field of chemical science education.

Read the Chemistry Teacher Education Unit’s latest doctoral thesis on “Diversity and science teacher education: supporting practices for better student achievement“.

Congratulations to our newest doctor – dr. Päivi Kousa.

Päivi Kousa. (Photo: Linda Tammisto)

The Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education

The Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education at the Department of Chemistry organises education for student teachers studying chemistry as a major or minor subject, primary school student teachers, postgraduate students in chemistry education, as well as subject and primary school teachers. The unit has been in operation at the Department of Chemistry since 2001.