About the Unit

The Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education at the Department of Chemistry organises education for student teachers studying chemistry as a major or minor subject, primary school student teachers, postgraduate students in chemistry education, as well as subject and primary school teachers. The unit has been in operation at the Department of Chemistry since 2001.

Mission, Values and Vision

The mission of the unit is to educate research oriented chemistry teaching and learning experts for the diverse needs of the society, to study chemistry teaching and learning and to promote people’s interests towards chemistry.

The research values of the unit are trust and communality, which allow creative, critical and innovative research environment. These values enable the building of a healthy research community, which can produce high quality scientific research.

Chemistry education research is the base of chemical understanding and high-quality chemistry education from primary school to university. The aim of the Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education is to be a high level chemistry education research center in Finland and internationally.

The vision is to become internationally known and respected chemistry learning and teaching, cutting-edge research unit.