Language change in the Arctic

Workshop ‘Language change in the Arctic’ organised by Lenore Grenoble (University of Chicago) & Olesya Khanina (University of Helsinki)

(at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Athens, Greece)

You can find the workshop description here.

For many papers of the workshop, you can download slides below. Please, be considerate when citing the slides: the best practice would be to contact the author asking for the latest version of their paper.


Juha Janhunen How Siberia became Tungusic speaking

Karina Sheifer and Kseniia Bolshakova Contact-induced patterns in direct object marking in Dolgan

Jessica Kantarovich Urbanization and incipient morphosyntactic change in Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic)

Natalia Stoynova Reconstructing a pre-Soviet contact with Russian: The case of Barhahan Evenki

Elena Klyachko Debitive constructions in Evenki as a consequence of language contact

Maria Pupynina Small-scale Multilingualism in Northeastern Siberia

Dejan Matic and Irina Nikolaeva Rapid linguistic change in Tundra Yukaghir and language contact

Mira Bergelson, Andrej Kibrik and Marina Raskladkina The Kodiak town variety of Alaskan Russian: The diachrony of a contact language

Outi Vesakoski, Mervi de Heer, Michael Dunn, John Huisman, Yingqi Jing, Miina Norvik and Tiago Tresoldi Vertical and horizontal evolution of the Uralic language family and its relation to genetic and cultural history

Meeli Roose, Tua Nylén, Harri Tolvanen and Outi Vesakoski Habitat modeling of Uralic language speaker areas

Yuri Koryakov Mapping specifics of languages of nomadic peoples in Eurasian Circumpolar areas

Michael Dunn Inheritance and contact in Koryako-Chukotian Languages

Anna Berge Sirenikski’s Place on the Eskaleut Language Family Tree

Olesya Khanina and Valentin Gusev Language change in case of intermittent contact of related lects

Andrej Kibrik Upper Kuskokwim Athabaskan: A case of resistance to language contact