Trial: Nineteenth Century Collections Online (~1.10)

On trial Nineteenth Century Collections Online until November 1st.

The content of the collection is sourced from the world’s preeminent libraries and archives. It consists of monographs, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, photographs, statistics, and other kinds of documents in both Western and non-Western languages.

Archives available:

  • Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
  • British Politics and Society
  • British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture
  • Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest
  • European Literature, 1790-1840. The Corvey Collection
  • Photography: The World through the Lens
  • Science, Technology, and Medicine: 1780-1925
  • Women: Transnational Networks



Trial: Historisches Wörterbuch der Rhetorik Online (~22.10)

The Historisches Wörterbuch der Rhetorik [Historical Dictionary of Rhetoric] is the  comprehensive academic reference work in the field.

•1,300 articles electronically searchable

•User can search by various criteria: lemma, keyword, person, literature, or article author

•Articles are thematically linked with each other.

•Digital object identifiers (DOI) for each article ensure citability.

•Multilingual lemma search (in 2014)



On trial Global Plants (~30.6)

On trial Global Plants as part of JSTOR service.

A comprehensive database of plant type specimens and complementary content for the study of plant life.
– The largest of its kind, Global Plants ( is community-contributed database that features more than two million high resolution plant type specimen images and other foundational materials from the collections of hundreds of herbaria around the world. It is an essential resource for institutions supporting research and teaching in botany, ecology, and conservation studies.