Window cleaning at Kaisa House on Thursday, August 22

The big window in Kaisa House will be washed on Thursday 22 August 2019. Window cleaning starts at 8 am and lasts until afternoon.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

The big window on the Kaisaniemenkatu side of the Kaisa House will be washed on Thursday, 22 August 2019. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Want to improve your Data Management Plan? Turn to DMP review service

Academy of Finland September 2019 call  is open 3.9.-25.9.2019. Data Support´s Data Management Plan review service is available for University of Helsinki researchers who wish their DMP to be checked and commented.

Please, email your DMP at the latest 15 September to The sooner the better. Plans are handled in arrival order.

NB! Helsinki Data Support arranges Data Management Plan workshops during the August and September. See the full schedule of your campus here.

More information on DMP and RDM:

Turn to UH data support

National Library of Finland breaking from Helka on 24 Aug 2019

The collections of the National Library of Finland are searchable in the Helka database for the last time on Friday, 23 August 2019. Due to a system switchover, any material included in the National Library collections cannot be searched in the database or borrowed from 24 August to 1 September 2019.

From Monday, 2 September onwards, all loans, reservations, returns and payments related to the National Library can only be completed at the Library or through the National Library Search at After Friday, 16 August, books from the National Library can no longer be returned to Kaisa House or other Helsinki University Library premises.

Read more about the changes to National Library services on the National Library website.

These changes are connected to a switchover of library systems at both the National Library of Finland and Helsinki University Library in 2019–2020. The change will first take place at the National Library.

National Library leaves Helka behind in August 2019

Helka operates as usual

Helsinki University Library (HULib) and the Helka database will continue normal operations during the interruption at the National Library.

Helka will still house the collections of Helsinki University Library and the Baltic Library, as well as the libraries of the Institute for the Languages of Finland, the Finnish Heritage Agency, the Finnish Literature Society and the Library of the Labour Movement.

Helsinki University Library facilities will provide normal services. The regular opening hours for the academic year 2019–2020, more extensive than the summer opening hours, will come into effect on Monday, 25 August 2019.

Helsinki University Library prepares for a service platform switchover in 2020

In its system procurement, Helsinki University Library is focusing on improving the findability of digital material essential to the academic community of the University of Helsinki. Helka will continue to contain all of the literature included in the requirements of all University of Helsinki degree programmes.

The new service platform, to be introduced at Helsinki University Library in autumn 2020, will provide Helka library customers with a modern platform for searching for and using printed and digital books, journals and articles. At the same time, library staff will be provided with appropriate tools for acquiring and processing digital materials in particular.



Campus libraries are open again

Campus libraries in Meilahti, Kumpula and Viikki are open again. Please notice that these libraries are still open under summer opening hours (Mon-Fri 8-16) until August 25th.

Opening hours during fall semester (August 26th – December 15th, 2019)

Helsinki University Library is back to normal opening hours on Monday August 26th.

Kumpula Campus Library is open Mon-Fri 8-18, customer service desk Mon-Fri 10-17. During the rest of the opening hours library operates as Self-Service Library.

Viikki Campus Library is open Mon-Fri 8-19, customer service desk Mon-Fri 10-17. During the rest of the opening hours library operates as Self-Service Library.

Meilahti Campus Library at Terkko Health Hub is open Mon-Fri 8-20, customer service desk 10-17. During the rest of the opening hours library operates as Self-Service Library.

Main Library Kaisa House is open Mon-Fri 8-20, Sat 11-17 and Sun 15.9.-1.12. 11-17. Customer service on the 3rd floor is open Mon-Fri 10-19 and Sat 11-17. During the rest of the opening hours and on Sundays library operates as Self-Service Library.

Need guidance in data management? Check out RDM and DMP courses in autumn!

Are you taking part in the Academy of Finland’s September call, and need help with data management planning? The Data Support at the University of Helsinki organizes research data management (RDM) basics lectures and data management plan (DMP) workshops on every UH campus during autumn 2019.

You’ll find an up-to-date course schedule on our website.

About RDM lectures and DMP workshops

RDM Basics is an introductory lecture to the key concepts and best practices of research data management. We will answer some central questions on data management, such as: How to define and describe research data? How to make them openly available and where to store them safely? A RDM Basics lecture with the same content is running throughout the year.

In the DMPTuuli workshops, we will concentrate on the best practices of research data management and hands-on training of data management planning (DMP). During the workshop we will go through the general structure of a DMP and give tips on what to write to the different sections. You can work with your own DMP with the help of experts from Data Support.

Events are open for all UH researchers, postgraduate students and staff members. The primary language of the workshop will be English. Help and instructions are also available in Finnish.


Enroll to the courses at Suffeli (SAP SuccessFactors): Home > Learning > type “RDM” to see all courses available. If you have any problems with enrollment or other questions, please contact

NB! If this is the first time you are writing a DMP or otherwise new to these issues, it is recommended that you start with the RDM Basics lecture, or otherwise acquaint yourself with the basic terminology and data management planning tool DMPTuuli. Check out our Research data management web site and guide for data documentation.

Pride – 50 years of movement book exhibit in Kaisa House 24.6.-5.7.

Pride – 50 years of movement book exhibit presents LGBTQ themed material from the Helsinki University Library’s collections. The Exhibit is on display from the beginning of the Helsinki Pride week June 24th until July 5th in the Kaisa House’s Guidance Corner which is located on the 3rd floor.

This year’s themes for the exhibit are gender and sexual diversity and the 50th anniversary of the Pride movement.

You can browse the books on the spot in comfortable armchairs or borrow them as summer reading, because all the material, except for journals, is available for home loan.

The library’s recommendations can be found on themed lists of favourites: Sexual and gender diversity, Pride and LGBTQI history and LGBTQI themed fiction  The lists include both printed and electronic materials.

Among the exhibited books are the following:

Vivek Shraya: I’m Afraid of Men (2018)
Vivek Shraya is trans woman of color, a writer and a musician. Shraya’s written work includes poetry, essays and autofiction. I’m Afraid of Men is a memoir in which Shraya explores the effects of toxic masculinity and discrimination in her own life and how we could begin to reimagine the concept of gender.

Pride : fifty years of parades and protests from the photo archives of The New York Times (2019)
A visual history of five decades of the LGBTQI movement collected by the New York Times.

Ristkari, Maiju; Suni, Niina & Tyni, Vesa: Sukupuolena ihminen : tietokirja transsukupuolisuudesta ja sukupuolen moninaisuudesta (2018)
The first Finnish nonfiction book about gender diversity and transgender people that has been aimed at adolescents. The book is based on the award-winning project Sukupuolena ihminen (Gender: human), which documents the lives of transgender people in Finland.

Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) History
A global view of the history of LGBTQI. It covers the history of, and current developments in, LGBTQI-related topics and events around the world, coverage of nearly 70 countries.

On Thursday June 27th Pride: Change is Coming – Different Voices! panel discussion will be held at Think Corner.
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