Did you know that you can return your loans to any of the four campus libraries?

You may return the books you have borrowed from Helsinki University Library to a campus library you prefer.

When the libraries are closed, the loans can be returned to the return boxes situated next to the main doors of the Viikki Campus Library (Info Centre Korona) and the Main Library (Kaisa House). The books will be registered as returned on the next opening day.



New student in the University of Helsinki and don’t have a Helka library card yet?

Hey new student, do you need a library card for Helsinki University Library?

You can order the library card in advance with an e-form. The card will be available for pick-up after 2 working days in any campus library you choose.

Please, take your identity card or passport with you. You will also need a finnish social security number or your certificate of attendance from the Helsinki University.