On trial: BiblioRossica until 20.4.

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BiblioRossica is a portal that now offers a trial access to more than 17 000 Russian and English language ebook titles on various academic subjects. Also more than 2200 e-journals are available during the trial.

BiblioRossica is a project of Academic Studies Press (Boston, USA). Academic Studies Press is an independent scholarly publisher devoted to advancing knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on Jewish Studies, Slavic Studies and Eastern Europe and Russia Studies.

In addition to Academic Studies Press titles the BiblioRossica platform includes ebooks from a variety of other publishers e.g.: Central European University Press, Im Werden Verlag, Ad Marginem Press, and several Russian university presses and institutes.

Also available in Helka.

Trial period: 19.3. – 20.4.2018

Feedback: e-library[at]helsinki.fi or kk-slav[at]helsinki.fi


Industrial Action at the University of Helsinki: Most Library Facilities Closed on 28th of February

Trade unions for the Federation of Salaried Employees (Pardia), the Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL) and the Public Sector Negotiating Commission (JUKO) have submitted notice on a spot strike to be held at the University of Helsinki. The strike will take effect on 28 February at midnight, ending 24 hours later. The objective of the strike is to put pressure on the employer in the negotiations on renewing the terms of the general collective agreement for universities.

As the Helsinki University Library is part of the University of Helsinki, the strike will affect its operations.

On the strike day, 28 February 2018, most Helsinki University Library facilities will be closed. Neither can the library guarantee uninterrupted service by phone or online.

The Helsinki University Library at Kaisa House, the Kumpula Campus Library and the Viikki Campus Library will be closed entirely.

On the strike day, the Learning Centres Aleksandria and Minerva at the City Centre Campus and Terkko Health Hub at the Meilahti Campus will remain open. However, no customer service will be available at the Meilahti Campus Library.

As a precautionary measure, due dates falling on the strike day, 28 February, have been moved forward to Thursday, 1 March.

Due to the strike, interlibrary loans may also be affected by a day-long delay.

Electronic collections and online services should be available as usual during the strike. Customer support in potential problem situations cannot, however, be provided during the strike.

Beware of thieves at the Kaisa House!

There’s been quite an unpleasant wave of theft going on in the last few days.

The thieves seem to be operating professionally. Please, stay alert while you’re at the library and keep an eye on your belongings. Do not leave your things behind your back so that you do not see them. Do not leave valuables in your pockets.

To prevent theft

  • Never leave your belongings unattended.
  • Secure your bag by placing its strap under your foot or around the foot of your chair.
  • Immediately report to the library staff if you notice something suspicious.

If you’re a victim of theft

  • tell the library staff and turvallisuusvalvomo [at] helsinki.fi
    – provide an accurate description of the theft with the following details: 1) time and place, 2) description of the victim e.g. colour of clothing
    3) what was stolen
  • report the theft to the police.


Collection work precedes alterations in Kumpula Campus Library

There will be significant collection work going on in the Kumpula Campus Library during the spring semester 2018.

Removal boxes in sight again

Removing and moving around collections precedes alteration work scheduled for summer 2018.  Part of the library’s second floor will be converted into working space for the faculty’s researchers.  New student services (Guidance Hub) are planned to be located in the library space, too.

The last opening day at Kumpula Campus Library  before summer will be Friday, May 18th, 2018. The library will reopen refurbished in the autumn 2018. The opening date will be announced later.

Beginning in April, loans cheched out from Kumpula Campus Library will have longer loan periods.  Stay tuned for more information.

Study information seeking and management

Do you need to polish your information seeking and management skills? Try information seeking and management courses offered by the library. You can study how to use RefWorks reference management programme, get individual guidance at the information seeking workshop or try our online course for thesis writers. All the courses are free of charge for the UH students and staff.

Upcoming Courses in English

RefWorks Reference Management

Kaisa, computer class 5057

02.02.18 Fri pe 14:15-16:00

02.03.18 Fri 14:15-16:00

Viikki, Info Center, class 138

Wed 21.03.18 14:15-15:45

Students register at Weboodi 98510.

Staff registration.

Are you interested in the course? Let us and the others know also on Facebook!

Information Management for Doctoral Candidates: Life and Natural Sciences. Register at Weboodi 984011 (only for doctoral candidates).

Viikki Info Center, class 416

30.01.18 Tue 10:15-11:45

06.02.18 Tue 10:15-11:45

13.02.18 Tue 10:15-11:45

27.02.18 Tue 10:15-11:45

Read more about courses offered by the library at our website.

Information seeking and management workshop

Every Monday 3 pm – 5 pm during the term (8.1-11.6.2018)

Kaisa House, 5th floor, computer class 5057

The event is also on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/1937548579905494/

You can just drop in at the workshop whenever you like between 3 pm – 5 pm and ask your questions. No prior registration required. You can bring your own laptop along.

Online course for thesis writers

Information Seeking and Management for Thesis Writers

You can look at the course materials as a guest but completing the assignments require a login. You can either:

  • Log in with your organisation ID (University of Helsinki or other Finnish higher education institutions) using Haka login.
  • Create a user account at mooc.helsinki.fi. and log in with this ID.

#Learn with HULib


Price List Renewed

The price list of Helsinki University Library was renewed at the beginning of 2018.

There are changes to the previous pricing especially regarding the interlibrary loan and document delivery services. For both University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital units and their personnel document delivery from the collections Helsinki University Library is free of charge (see HUPS Service). For interlibrary loans from other libraries and as well as all document deliveries for other customer groups service is subject to a fee.

The new price list is available on the library’s website and can be obtained from any of the library’s customer service desks on request.

The Bibliometrics Seminar 2017: research evaluation and bibliometrics

Time: friday, 8.12.2017, 10.30-15.45
Venue: Minerva-tori, University of Helsinki / Siltavuorenpenger 5A, Helsinki

The Bibliometrics Seminar is organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Council for Finnish University Libraries, the University of Helsinki Library and CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. The theme of the seminar is research evaluation and bibliometric tools. The seminar is free of charge, and the programme is especially targeted at everyone working with bibliometrics. We warmly welcome participants from among researchers; university, polytechnics and research organisation’s research administration and libraries, the Ministry of Education and Culture; as well as from organisations granting research funding.

The seminar is bilingual: some speeches will be held in English, others in Finnish.

There are a limited number of seats at the venue, but remote participation in the seminar / web conferencing is possible.

More information and registration by 30.11.2017.

Minerva, University of Helsinki. Photo: Linda Tammisto

Loan periods extend from November 23rd onward

The approaching turn of the year extends the loan period of books.

Due date will be no earlier than January 10th, 2018, when you borrow or renew your loans

  • November 23rd onwards for books with a 28-day loan period
  • December 7th onwards for books with a 14-day loan period
  • December 19th onwards for books with a 2-day loan period.

The turn of the year will also affect the library opening hours. You can check the opening hours on the library website.


Research Data Management Planning is worthwhile

Many of the researchers at the University of Helsinki that applied for funding from the Academy of Finland in the fall of 2016 used a web-based tool, DMPTuuli, when writing their data management plans.   137 researchers received funding in the spring of 2017.  Of these 64 percent had registered in DMPTuuli, which is administered by the Helsinki University Library.

Applying for funding is an everyday task for researchers. From 2016 the Academy of Finland has demanded that funding applications contain a data management plan as a separate appendix. The DMPTuuli, a tool for facilitating the writing of data management plans, was created by the Finnish Tuuli project on the iniative of the Helsinki university library.

DMPTuuli is based on the idea that the web form with templates and guidelines for different funders and organisations help researchers plan and document data management through the different stages of their research project.  This way questions about copyright, data security, and reuse of data are considered.

Get guidance on DMPworkshops

Information Specialist Mikko Ojanen and DMPWorkshop, Spring 2017. Picture: Jussi Männistö

Researchers get guidance in the use of DMPTuuli and information about services and the benefits of data management in the data management workshops of the University of Helsinki DataSupport. These workshops have been very popular. Several hundred researchers have participated in them. The library is the coordinator of the DataSupport and also one of the providers of expertise.  The university’s DataSupport  answers questions about data management both during funding application rounds and outside them.

DataSupport can be reached by email at researchdata@helsinki.fi and by phone at 02 941 23000.

Translation: Monica Allardt