The programme may be subject to changes.

Nota bene: Times are Helsinki (East European winter time zone). The allocated time for speakers is 15 minutes for the talk, plus 10 minutes for questions.


Thursday, December 10


11.15 A brief welcome note by the HCAS director and the organisers (chair: Emilia Mataix Ferrandiz)


11.30-12.30 Session 1: Mobility – Ancient and Modern (chair: Maijastina Kahlos)

  • Greg Woolf, “What we take with us, what we leave behind”
  • Lena Näre, “Collective imaginaries in migration – Notes on how hope and rumours move people”

12.45-13.30   Break


13.30-14.30   Session 2: A Mediterranean of Interaction (transport, trade, politics) (chair: Melanie Wasmuth)

  • Sarah Green, “Mediterranean animal movements”
  • Antti Lampinen, “Condemning mobility: Identity politics and the fear of reverse colonization in the Roman Imperial era”

14.45-15.00   Break


15.00-16.00   Session 3: The World of Beliefs (ideas, values, religion) (chair: Anna Usacheva)

  • Peter N. Singer, “Students and texts in motion: Medical and philosophical intellectual communities in the second century CE”
  • Miira Tuominen,”The ’movement’ of Aristotle’s theory of perception in the commentaries of Philoponus and Pseudo-Simplicius (Priscian?)”


Friday, December 11


11.30-12.30     Session 4: Materiality and Movement (objects in motion) (chair: Tero Alstola)

  • David Inglis, “The world flows with Mediterranean wine: On the roles of Mare Nostrum in global wine dynamics”
  • Andras Handl, “Bones in motion: Long distance relic translations in late antiquity”

12.45-13.30   Break


13.30-15.00   Sessions 5-6: Intersectional Identities in Motion (recreated selves) and Mobility across Boundaries (theoretical approaches) (chair: Suzie Thomas)

  • Pieter B. Hartog, “Reading Acts in motion: Travel and glocalisation in the Acts of the Apostles”
  • Pascucci & Krivonos, “Flowing labour: Race, gender and intimacies in transnational mobilities”
  • James Gerrard, “Travelling Britannia: A diachronic perspective on the movement of people and things on the Roman periphery”


15.00 Final discussion and closure of the symposium (chair: Elisa Uusimäki)