About researcher

My name is Ildze Jakunova. I am a doctoral researcher in Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Helsinki. My main research interests are mental health and its management, especially self-management and self-help practices. I am interested in theoretical perspectives on subjectivity, normativity, self-care, self-responsibility, self and self-making, and emotion.

I hold a Master of Humanities with Distinction in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Humanities in Anthropology from the University of Latvia. Both my master’s and bachelor’s theses were developed in medical anthropology, focusing on depression. Before starting my doctoral studies, I participated in various applied research projects on education, employment, and tolerance and worked in policy development in Latvia.

My interest in this topic is linked to my experiences growing up in Latvia, encountering mental health struggles in my social circles and observing changing attitudes and discussions on mental (ill)health over the years.

Outside the research field, I enjoy photography, travel, hiking, and making related social media content that is available on my Instagram account.