Field report

A month ago, I presented my field report as part of a doctoral seminar. In the presentation, I talked about the research approach, progress, my observations, and potential analytical directions in the doctoral thesis. The title of the dissertation is still under development, but I plan to focus on self-care practices and how they describe… Continue reading Field report

About the end of my field work

I have added a new post about the concluding stages of my research on Instagram. The post is available here. My research field work phase, which is the most significant part of my project, ended in December. In total, during 2023, I met and had conversations with 35 research participants with depression and anxiety experiences.… Continue reading About the end of my field work

A few moments from fieldwork in the summer

I have published a couple of pictures from my summer field work on the Instagram platform. The post is available here. I am still looking for research participants for the final stage of the work. I am interested in both people with experience of depression and anxiety, as well as specialists in the field of… Continue reading A few moments from fieldwork in the summer

Self-care. Different perspectives

When asking people how they take care of their mental health, I have received responses that critically assess the prevailing societal stereotypes about self-care, such as associating self-care with “smoothie drinking” and strictly distinguishing it from their everyday activities. Likewise, people have pointed out to me that their daily life with mental health difficulties does… Continue reading Self-care. Different perspectives

The first six months of the research

    Since I started in January, I have collected 26 interviews with young people experiencing depression and anxiety and mental health experts. In addition, I have established contact with several research participants, with whom I meet regularly, in order to get a broader picture of their daily lives and changes over time. During the… Continue reading The first six months of the research

Research development in January

I would like to express my gratitude for the responsiveness. In January, more than 20 people responded to my invitation to participate in the study. I highly appreciate your interest in the project. I have acquired important information and contacts for further research development. At the moment, I continue to look for interlocutors for meetings… Continue reading Research development in January

Looking for interlocutors

    Hello, From January 2023, I am commencing the fieldwork process of this research project on mental health. During this time, I plan to obtain information about people’s mental health experiences, practices, discourses, care systems and context. The main research methods are interviews and participant observation. The fieldwork will last until the end of… Continue reading Looking for interlocutors