About the end of my field work

I have added a new post about the concluding stages of my research on Instagram. The post is available here.

My research field work phase, which is the most significant part of my project, ended in December. In total, during 2023, I met and had conversations with 35 research participants with depression and anxiety experiences. I also organized more frequent meetings with 7 of them. During the fieldwork, I also interviewed 13 experts/specialists and attended various events organized in Riga. Additionally, I collected support and informational materials, as well as news articles from the last 5 years.

I want to express my deepest thanks to my interlocutors. Your stories and knowledge are extremely important to me in the further stages of my work. Without your time and energy investment, my project would not be possible.

Although the active research phase has concluded, I am committed to continuing to publish information and data about mental health and its management that I obtained during my research.

In the collection of images I published, I included a picture. This was my sketch from an activity where participants were asked to draw their daily emotions. I tried to represent this 😵‍💫 emoji. Despite the research process being immensely challenging, I greatly value the knowledge and skills I gained, including how to navigate the more challenging and high-pressure periods of daily life.

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