Field report

A month ago, I presented my field report as part of a doctoral seminar. In the presentation, I talked about the research approach, progress, my observations, and potential analytical directions in the doctoral thesis. The title of the dissertation is still under development, but I plan to focus on self-care practices and how they describe the current care context in Latvia. I am interested in theoretical perspectives on care as a relational practice and care as linked to notions about personhood and morality. I am also interested in literature about self and self-fashioning, as well as normativity and aspiration for the “good life”.

The next stage is to write a dissertation in which I will develop an in-depth analysis of my observations. As I mentioned earlier, here I will continue to share information about the further progress of the research and the articles I have created.

There is still much work ahead, but I am grateful for the opportunity to obtain valuable data from the fieldwork. I have received positive feedback about the progress of my project, and I am motivated to continue 🙏🙂🫶

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