The application period for students is now open!

The application period for the Group mentoring programme 2023-2024 has now started and will close on 6th October 2023 at 12.00 pm.

Check out the application instructions, the introductions of our 46 alumni mentors and a short pre-assignment on the Apply for the programme page. Groups will be filled in order of registration, so act fast!

What have the previous participants learned during the programme?

“Mentoring strengthened my career-related confidence and gave me perspective that others are going through similar things and I am not alone with my thoughts.”

“I feel more confident to talk openly about my insecurities, career plans and situations. I learned more about job search on a practical level and received personalised feedback e.g. on my CV.”

“To boldly seek very different paths instead of a particular one.”

Read more and apply now!