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I am contributing to the following teaching programs:


I have been teaching a range of philosophy and social science courses in different universities (philosophy of arts, Japanese culture and society, behavioral game theory, etc.). Recent courses include the following:

  • Philosophical and Methodological Foundations of Sustainability Science (ECGS-002): 2018-2021 (w/ Henrik Thorén (2019) and Milutin Stojanovic (2020-))
  • Philosophy of Economics (FILM-353): 2015-2021 (w/ Judith Favereau (2015) and Emrah Aydinonat 2016-)
  • Philosophy of Social Science (FILM-305) 2022 Spring
  • Science and Ethics of Sustainability (FILM-342a) 2020 Fall
  • Sustainability MOOC course (forthcoming)


I am interested in supervising students who are interested in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research (both as a topic and own approach). I will soon list topics below.

Master students

  • Mea Lakso (ECGS 2022)
  • Henna Nikkola (ECGS, Co-creation Lab 2021)
  • Arttu Lahti (ECGS, Co-creation Lab 2021)
  • Petri Kuitunen (ECGS 2021)
  • Katja Tiisala (ECGS 2021)
  • Denis Radermacher (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, 2021)
  • Patrick Scheffer (Ruhr University Bochum 2021)
  • Sofia Blanco Sequeiros (Philosophy, completed)

PhD students

  • Riina Bhatia (DENVI), 2023-
  • Otto Snellman (Philosophy), 2022-
  • Henri Wiman (DENVI), 2020-
  • Carlos Lamuela (DENVI), 2019-
  • Katja Tiisala (Philosophy), 2021-
  • Päivi Seppälä (Philosophy), 2021-
  • Anita Välikangas (Philosophy), 2019-
  • Matti Sarkia (Philosophy), 2019-2022 (completed)