Two keynote speakers confirmed

Dear everyone

We are excited to announce already two of our keynote speakers:

Yvonne Nygård works as Research Professor at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and as Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Yvonne is interested in developing microbial cell factories for industrial applications. She works with different yeast and fungi and in her research she combines synthetic biology with high throughput screening. In addition, she is affiliated to a fungal start-up, Cirkulär AB which develops filamentous fungi for valorization of side-stream biomass.

Tommi Vatanen is the Associate Professor and group leader of Computational microbial ecology / Vatanen lab. Tommi and his group focusing on developing computational models, machine learning and bioinformatics to understand the dynamics of human microbial communities, especially the gut microbiomes. Further more, Tommi and his group is interested in understanding how microbial communities affect the human development, health and wellbeing.

We hope that you are as excited as we are on our amazing keynote speakers! See you on 16 May 2024!