The program unit worked earlier as “Mind, Society and Tradition” in the SBL International Meetings during the period of 2007-12. The unit promoted cross-disciplinary theory-forming in biblical studies and a dialogue between social-scientific methods and CSR. It organized thematic sessions on various topics related to cognitive approaches, including “Altruism, Morality, and Cooperation in Biblical Literature and Biblical Religions” (Auckland 2008), “Evolution of Biblical Religions: Rethinking Darwin’s Heritage” (Rome 2009), and “Ritual Approaches to the Biblical World” (Tartu 2010), “Language and Mind in Biblical Exegesis” (London 2011), and “Mind, Society and Tradition: Toward Integrative Approaches (Amsterdam 2012).

A selection of the papers presented in the unit is published by Acumen in September 2013 with the title Mind, Morality, and Magic: Cognitive Science Approaches in Biblical Studies, edited by I. Czachesz and R. Uro.