Method development

Updates from the methodology team

Various tools to extract Instagram data has been used in previous research. However, these also include methods that are questionable, subsequently banned for research use or otherwise not fit for our research project objectives.

Fortunately, weekly methodology café sessions and discussions with university researchers on finding an applicable tool have proved to be helpful in every way and we will pursue on that.

While we continue our work with acquiring data from Instagram, we will prepare a demo with Twitter data for the meeting in May. A visualization tool will also be used to help the interpretation and to understand the scale of the results.

Methodologically advanced examination of consumer interpretations for refreshing sustainable urban life (MORE)

This research addresses the green transition and its social dimensions from a consumer perspective. It develops advanced network and script based methodologies for examining consumer interpretations of sustainability matters. The research task is to develop a proof-of-concept of how consumer generated interpretations of everyday sustainability in social media can be used in business settings. Current alternatives fall short because they focus on behavioral analytics or rely on insufficiently scalable qualitative approaches. The tested proof-of-concept connects to the roadmap of the ecosystem for sustainable solutions to support better people flow in urban environments led by KONE, and will be used in subsequent ecosystem co-innovation project focusing on refreshing sustainable urban life.

Advisory board appointed

We are glad and proud to announce our advisory board – together we are stronger!

Jaana Hyvärinen, Chair
Strategic Foresight Manager

Anna Martela
Kenno Consulting

Janne Korpi
Chief Analytics Officer

Topi Ahava
Account Director

Stay tuned!

Welcome to the web of the More project! We’re all about making sense of consumer interpretations of mundane technologies – for regeneration and circularity.

Päivi Timonen, +358 50 3433 138, research profile
Project visionary

Petteri Repo
petteri.repo@helsinki, +358 400 737 968, research profile
Methodological explorer

Maija Luoma
Data wizard