Prof. Maritta Törrönen is Professor Emerita of Social Work at University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, and her main research interests concern theory of reciprocity, global welfare society, communities, power relationships, everyday life and well-being, which have points of reference with social work and social policy, childhood, child protection, family research and ethnic studies. Her recent research is linked to proactive social work.

Prof. Törrönen is interested in the ways people globally cope in their everyday life, gender and age related questions, with the help of the social and health care system.

Prof. Törrönen was leading the project “Reciprocal Encounters – Young People Leaving Care” together with Prof. Carol Munn-Giddings from Anglia Ruskin University, UK, funded by EU during 2016-2018.

See also Törrönen’s earlier project Reciprocal Relationships and Construction of Well-Being during Critical Periods of Everyday Life” (RePro) funded by Academy of Finland. The project consisted of a co-operative international network and four subprojects focused on child welfare, care of the elderly, ethnic relations, and unemployment of young people.