The aim of this multidisciplinary project is to analyse the dynamics of well-being and how the experiences of reciprocity affect the well-being of individuals. These dynamics will be determined by studying individual experiences of reciprocity and how people construct their view of well-being on a daily basis.

This study will demonstrate how well-being in the society is formulated through individuals’ subjective experiences and objective indicators of reciprocity during different critical periods of their everyday life. The critical periods are understood as phases of life where the need for support and care grows considerably. These periods provide clear vantage points to view the interplay between public and private sector behaviour, and how they function together in vulnerable life situations.

In this research, the following situations will be observed: situations encountered in elder care, when the caregiver needs help at home on a regular basis; when a child is leaving home or when a child is leaving foster or residential care; and when an immigrant is trying to integrate into the Finnish society.