Active listening

My plan is to try to listen to the TV-series and movies without Finnish subtitles.

I have started this by watching interior design program McGee Studios. The series seem to have (a bit surprisingly) such unusual vocabulary that I have had challenges to follow the speech. I might need to start to watch some other  series next.

I have now watched all episodes of McGee Studios and Stay Here. In Stay Here program property owners are shown how they can get more money from their rental apartments after renovations and such. I must admit that I occasionally had to turn on English subtitles due to I got frustrated when I didn’t catch all the words. Anyway, I plan to continue to watch TV series as much as possible without subtitles also in the future. I think it’s effective way to maintain English skills.

Originally, I started to watch these programs because our family moved into the new house  and  I wanted to get some interior design ideas. I also had to pick programs which are suitable for whole family because I can listen the TV programs only before my children go to sleep.

In addition to those  design series, we have also watched Disney’s Animal Kingdom without subtitles. It has been funny to recognize that my children aren’t bothered at all that subtitles are missing.

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