Record of my study progress

  • At first my plan was just to keep my notes in Word-document or in Powerpoint-presentation, but I changed my opinion later. I thought this is as a good moment to try the new tool as any. 
  • The ordering of a new blog-site was easier than I had thought. However, the sample blog site was ugly, pastel green colored and very simple, so it required a lot of changes. The editing dashboard of the blog-site wasn’t very user friendly and it took me some time to get used to it. I think I still have a lot to learn. I have also spent some time just by looking for nice pictures that I could use in my blog, which has been quite fun.  

Because I had already started to keep my notes in Powerpoint-presentation, I have kept also my Powerpoint up-to-date (also as a backup if I don’t learn to do the blog well enough). This means that I have now two parallel materials. I feel that my Powerpoint-presentation looks nicer, but I would still prefer to use  the blog site as an official material because it’s a new tool for me.

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