Pronunciation group

Our pronunciation group started on xx. Due to Covid everything is now done online. This group seems very educative to me but I find it also hard. The more we study the less I feel I know. I feel that I have challenges even to hear differences between letters in the words. 3rd session: this… Continue reading Pronunciation group

25 January 2021

We had 1st meeting today! This first session included guidance on what Autonomous Learning Module Studies (ALMS) actually is and what it is not. We also got task to plan what our study needs are and how to accomplish those. After this session I did Kaleidoscope review and started to draft my study plan

My ALMS Studies!

Welcome to my ALMS studies blog. I’m attending to English ALMS course this spring 2021. Course started on mid January. I shall write here my experiences of this training.

Hello world!

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