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Our pronunciation group started on 8th Feb. Due to Covid everything is now done online. This group seems very educative, but I find it also very hard. The more we study the less I feel I know. I feel that I have challenges even to hear differences between the letters in the words.

3rd session: this is hard! I hadn’t ever before even understood that there is a difference with pronunciation between nouns and verbs (like e.g., with word record). I start to understand better only now how much work I have ahead of me…

I have tried to practice tongue twisters and re-read pronunciation materials between the lectures, but I’m not sure if I’m proceeding. I also started to watch McGee Studio interior design program without subtitles, and I recognized that I didn’t understand even half of all that was said (admittedly some of the words they used were not that common either). However, this listening became easier after  some time.

4th time:  I feel so tired after the lecture! How energy demanding can it be to make funny noises for 1,5 hours?! I have always felt that the word Vauxhall is my Achilles’ heel. I think, I might finally be able to say it now correctly. Apparently it should be pronounced  a little like ‘Vok-swal’. No wonder nobody understood me before when I tried to mention it.

I have now watched most of the videos and redone all pronunciation tasks in the Moodle. Many tasks were this time easier to complete, but I still had a lot of challenges with the stressed phrases. I have also recorded my reading aloud multiple times. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any improvement despite the fact that I have repeated same texts multiple times. I still continue to do some tongue twisters with my children (because it is also fun) and I want to record my speaking again when I’m next alone long enough to do it. 

Here are the links to our favorite tongue twister sites:

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