Seminar schedule spring 2018

18.1. Merle Wessel: “Balls to the Wind – Castration of Sex Offenders in Germany and the Nordic Countries, ca. 1930-2000“.

15.2. Jana Lainto: “Arnošt Kraus as a Mediator of Danish Culture in the Czech lands/Czechoslovakia, 1890s – 1930s”

1.3. Maïmouna Jagne-Soreau: “Postmigration literature in the Nordic countries”


5.4. Katarina Pettersson: “Save the nation! A social psychological study of political blogs as a medium for nationalist communication and persuasion”.

19.4. Corinna Casi: “Sami Traditions and Food (In)security in the Arctic”

The seminar is held every other Thursday at 16:15-17:45 at Unioninkatu 38 A 109 (Russian room). Welcome!