Beyond making do? Youth experiences of waithood in the Middle East
While the global population is historically young, the phenomenon of delayed transitions (from education to the labor market and to marriage) is prevailing and highly diverse. My aim is to examine the lived experiences and conceptions of ‘waithood’ from youth perspective in the Middle East and North Africa, and particularly in Egypt.

Young Muslims and everyday resilience in Finland
I am involved in a research project that explores young Muslims’ sense of belonging, identities and supporting factors in their everyday lives in Finland. It is a participatory study that involves the use of audiovisual materials and the elements of co-analysis and performative research practices. For more information, click here.

Youth and political engagement in contemporary Africa
I was a member of a research project (2012-2016) that examined the forms, contents and experiences of political engagement in the everyday lives of young people in today’s Africa. It was a joint project of the Swedish School of Social Science (previously Development Studies) at the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Youth Research Network. The research results include an edited volume that can be found here.

Being a young activist in the late Mubarak era: An ethnography of political engagement in Egypt
My doctoral research examines the politicization of urban youth and their lived experiences of political engagement during the last decade of Mubarak’s presidency in Egypt. I specifically examined the formation of youth movements, the appropriation of new tactics of nonviolent resistance, and the role of friendship and ethical reflection in political action. The thesis can be found here.

Researching Arab-Mediterranean youth: Towards a new social contract
I have been involved in a Sahwa-research consortium (EU/FP7) that examines the dynamics of political, social and economic transitions of young people in five Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon) in the 2010s. For more information, click here.

Young people in the refugee centres in Finland
Similary to many other European countries, Finland received an unprecedented number of asylum seekers in 2015. I have been involved in a project that aims to better understand the lived experiences of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in Finland. Our publications can be found here (Finnish) and here (English).