Yhteiskunnallinen liikehdintä, valta ja valtio globaalissa etelässä (organized by Eija Ranta)
12.4.2021 Kansalaisuuden monet ulottuvuudet globaalissa etelässä
15.4.2021 Arabikevät ja nuorten yhteiskunnallinen liikehdintä
Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

Youth in the Middle East and North Africa (Global and local youth policy)
12.3.-8.5.2020 Course organizer and teacher
Social Sciences, University of Tampere

Visual methods in Social Sciences (Visual Anthropology, organized by Marjaana Jauhola)
28.10.-17.12.2019 Teacher in practical sessions
Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

Aktuell sociologisk forskning (Current sociological research, organized by Östen Wahlbeck)
21.11.2016 Waithood and prolonged adolescence among young Egyptians
15.2.2016 Being a young activist in the late Mubarak era in Egypt
Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki

Nuorten poliittinen kulttuuri (organized by Kari Paakkunainen)
18.11.2015 Arabikevät, Egypti ja nuorten poliittiset liikkeet
Open University, University of Helsinki.

201. Globaalit prosessit (Global processes, organized by Silke Trömmer)
11.1.-16.6.2014 Examiner of book exams. Reading:
– Scholte. J. 2000. Globalization: A critical introduction. London: Macmillan.
– Nederveen Pieterse, J. 2009. Globalization and culture: Global mélange. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki

Qualitative methodologies (organized by Bruno Lefort)
5.12.2013 Emotions in ethnographic fieldwork
School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere

101.  Johdatus kehitysmaatutkimukseen (Introduction to Development Studies, organized by Pertti Multanen)
11.10.2012 Poliittista liikehdintää Egyptissä: Egyptin Muslimiveljeskunta
Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki

201. Globaalijärjestelmä – seminaari (Global system-seminar, organized by Anja Nygren)
31.3.2011 Egyptian democracy movement and globalization
Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki

303. Ethnography in the Modern World (organized by Eija Ranta-Owusu)
26.11.2009 Lecture on anthropological approaches to internet-based activism in Egypt
Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki (details)

Modern Islam and Muslim world-study group
23.11.2009 Introduction to wasatiya movement in Egypt
28.2.2011 Popular revolution and post-Mubarak era in Egypt
Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki

205. Contemporary Social Movements and Development (organized with Eija Ranta-Owusu)
11.3.-24.4.2009 Course organizer and teacher
Institute of Development Studies, Helsinki (details)

The course introduces the main theoretical approaches to social movements, including different analytical tools, and discusses their relevance and applications in development research. The course focuses largely on the present, and sheds light on current and existing movements through case studies from Southern contexts – especially Latin America and Middle East – against the backdrop of wider processes of international development and globalisation.

202. Kehitysmaiden yhteiskuntarealiteetit: Egypti (organized by Jeremy Gould)
Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki
5.2.2009 Lecture on political opposition in contemporary Egypt
9.2.2009 Film screening: Egypt: We are watching you (trailer)
– Abdalla, A. 1999. “The Egyptian national identity and pan-Arabism: variations and generations” in Meijer, Roel (ed.) Cosmopolitanism, Identity and Authenticity in the Middle East. Richmond: Curzon Press, 171-181.
– Karam, A. M. 2000. “Islamisms and the decivilising processes of globalisation” in Arce, Alberto & Norman Long (eds.) Anthropology, Development and Modernities. London: Routledge, 64-73.