About Oodi




Oodi is a data system designed to support studies and teaching and co-developed by ten Finnish universities. The technical execution of Oodi is provided by outside system suppliers.

WinOodi is a tool for university administrators to register student data such as personal information and study rights as well as all course credits and degrees. WinOodi can be used in managing course and exam sign-up. Various reports are also available. An important function of WinOodi is data transfer to Kela, Statistics Finland, FSHS and the Student Union. WinOodi instructions are available only in Finnish.

The web-based user interface WebOodi was originally designed as a tool for students. Admins can also use WebOodi to view student information and to manage courses, sign-up, course catalogues and degree structures. Some WebOodi instructions are also available in English.

See WebOodi instructions for teachers and students.