Information Release

Statutory mass delivery of the student data register

Under the terms of the relevant legislation, the University may release data from the Student Register without the students’ consent for the following purposes:

  • Central Statistical Office, for surveys on the educational system;
  • Social Insurance Institution, for the processing of applications for financial aid to students;
  • Student Health Service Foundation, for student health care;
  • the employment authorities, for the processing of applications for unemployment benefits;
  • scientific or statistical research; the researcher is required to name the person in charge of the research, and present a research plan and other relevant information specified in the Decree on Personal Data Registers.

Requests for the personal data of an individual student will be dealt with in accordance with the Publicity of Official Documents Act.

The statutory delivery of data entails the use of personal identity numbers.

Use of personal identity number as a student identifier

The statutory transfer of data to the registers of other authorities and other statutory delivery of data entails the use of personal identity numbers. The University is authorised to require first-year students to give their identity numbers when enrolling at the University.

In the new student register data file system, to be introduced in 1999, the students will be identified according to a personal student number.

Mass delivery of name and address data with the student’s consent

When enrolling at the University, students may consent to the release of their name and address data for the purposes listed below. The students may also forbid the delivery of their personal data outside the University. Students may withdraw their approval later on with a form available from Student Services.

Students may consent to the release of their name and address data:

  1. for purposes of promoting studies, meaning the delivery of name and address data to associations and foundations, professional associations and regional authorities for the purpose of mailing information, which
    1. concerns the duties or rights of a student as a member of the academic
      community or
    2. is directed towards promoting studies, professional qualifications or employment or
    3. is directed towards improving study or working conditions or
    4. is directed towards promoting the students’ contacts with their home communities
  2. for other purposes of promoting studies, for instance short inquiries or opinion polls, and
  3. for direct mail marketing at the discretion of the person in charge of the registration of students

The University of Helsinki follows principles of good practice in its registration, and it requires that applications for the delivery of data be relevant to the target group. For example, a subject association or the foreign students’ associations have access only to the data relevant to their own operations and membership.

As stipulated by the Act on Personal Data Registers, the data may be used exclusively for the purpose for which it has been released. When used for mailing purposes, the source of the data must be indicated.

Instructions for 3rd Parties to Request Verification of Degree

To request verification of a degree for a student or former student, contact the Student Register at registrar(at) A signed consent from the student or former student will be required to release the information in writing.

The processing and release of personal information is regulated by the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999).

For more information contact Sari Zitting, Information Systems Manager.