Research seminar in Helsinki

From the website of the research group “Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics”:

Spring 2009

Friday, 30 January, 12-15 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Imagination from Aquinas to Hobbes
Pekka Kärkkäinen
Juhana Lemetti

Friday, 27 February, 12-15 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Madness and Morality
Vesa Hirvonen
Timo Kaitaro

Friday, 20 March, 12-15 (Lecture room 6, Aleksanterinkatu 7, 6th floor)
Christopher Shields (Oxford), Aquinas’s moral psychology

Thursday, 16 – Friday, 17 April

Sources and resources of political life in early-modern Europe
Quentin Skinner (keynote speaker), Ronald Asch, Martin van Gelderen, Mark Goldie, Catherine Larrère, John Robertson, Richard Serjeantson, Sari Kivistö, Virpi Mäkinen, Sami-Juhani Savonius-Wroth, Mikko Tolonen.

Friday,15 May, 12-15 (Auditorium XI, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Tobias Hoffmann (CUA), Free decision in Aquinas
Taina Holopainen

The seminar is open.

Sixteenth Century Society in Geneva 2009

From the society’s website: “The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) is now accepting proposals for individual papers and complete sessions for its annual conference, to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Geneva (Switzerland) from 28-30 May 2009…Proposals will be accepted until 7 November 2008.”The conference hosts a number of sessions on Reformation theology and church history and it is therefore a great meeting for scholars interested in those topics.

A lecture course on Luther’s theology in Helsinki

Lectures on Luther’s theology will give an overview of the Reformator’s theology. A special emphasis is laid on such topics as theology and philosophy, theology of love and doctrine of Trinity. Results of the recent Finnish scholarship on Luther’s theology are discussed in detail. The lectures will take place on Thursdays, from January 15th to April 16th 2009. Speakers include several young and advanced Finnish scholars specializing in Luther and Reformation theology: Jari Jolkkonen, Katja Juntunen, Ilmari Karimies, Jussi Koivisto, Kari Kopperi, Pekka Kärkkäinen, Jairinho Lopez-Pereira and Antti Raunio.The contents of the individual lectures:

  1. Luther’s Intellectual Background (Jussi Koivisto, Pekka Kärkkäinen)
  2. Luther’s Exegesis (Katja Juntunen)
  3. Trinity and Christology (Pekka Kärkkäinen)
  4. Word of God (Antti Raunio)
  5. Theology of the Cross (Kari Kopperi)
  6. Sin and Justification (Jairinho Lopez-Pereira, Olli-Pekka Vainio)
  7. Anthropology and Faith (Ilmari Karimies)
  8. Pastoral Care (Jussi Koivisto)
  9. Love and Spirituality (Jussi Koivisto & Ilmari Karimies)
  10. Church, Liturgy and Sacraments (Jari Jolkkonen)
  11. Social Ethics (Antti Raunio)

For more information about the lectures, please contact Pekka Kärkkäinen: information on studies in the Faculty of Theology in the University of Helsinki, please consult