Jussi Varkemaa on Summenhart

Jussi Varkemaa, a theologian from Helsinki, has finished his doctoral thesis on late fourteenth century theologian Conrad Summenhart. The topic is Summenhart’s theory of individual rights and its medieval background. Summenhart, who was one of first professors theology in the University of Tübingen. Summenhart has been considered as an important figure in the development of modern theories of rights. Until now Summenhart’s views have been studied only superficially, but Varkemaa discusses them thoroughly and situates them appropriately in the context of late medieval discourse. For more information, see the abstract of the dissertation here (scroll down for an English version).

Research seminar in Helsinki

From the website of the research group “Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics”:

Spring 2009

Friday, 30 January, 12-15 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Imagination from Aquinas to Hobbes
Pekka Kärkkäinen
Juhana Lemetti

Friday, 27 February, 12-15 (Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Madness and Morality
Vesa Hirvonen
Timo Kaitaro

Friday, 20 March, 12-15 (Lecture room 6, Aleksanterinkatu 7, 6th floor)
Christopher Shields (Oxford), Aquinas’s moral psychology

Thursday, 16 – Friday, 17 April

Sources and resources of political life in early-modern Europe
Quentin Skinner (keynote speaker), Ronald Asch, Martin van Gelderen, Mark Goldie, Catherine Larrère, John Robertson, Richard Serjeantson, Sari Kivistö, Virpi Mäkinen, Sami-Juhani Savonius-Wroth, Mikko Tolonen.

Friday,15 May, 12-15 (Auditorium XI, Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)

Tobias Hoffmann (CUA), Free decision in Aquinas
Taina Holopainen

The seminar is open.