Our departmental colloquium series is intended to cut across subfields, with interesting and thought-provoking talks about physics in particular and its relationship with the other sciences and the real world. We aim to get excellent speakers to speak about topical issues in research and society that are of interest to the Physics department. Talks will be accessible to the whole departmental community!

Speakers will come from a variety of backgrounds; from academia and industry, and from near and far. In particular, we will invite new professors at the department to give an inaugural talk to their departmental colleagues so that people get to know each other better.

Each talk lasts 30 minutes, and is followed by a cocktail event for socialising, networking and discussion.

The organisers are members of the Kumpula campus Wellbeing group:

  • Eleanna Asvestari
  • Amina Djurabekova
  • Dimitrios Irodotou
  • Niko Jokela
  • Laura Karppinen
  • Jonathan Lasham
  • Kimmo Tuominen
  • Anne Virkki
  • David Weir

Feel free to contact us directly, or use the form below to send us feedback, suggestions for speakers or other information: