As of Autumn 2022, all colloquia are organised in hybrid format. The on-site presentation is held on the Kumpula campus, typically in Physicum E204 unless otherwise noted, and the talks are scheduled to last about 30 minutes.

Similar talks that have not been organised by the Physics Colloquium Group are listed here.

Autumn 2023

  • 15th September at 14:15 (Exactum CK112): Anna Watts: A NICER view of neutron stars
  • 27th October at 14:15 (TBA): Jaan Praks: TBA
  • 3rd November at 14:15 (TBA): Matilda Backholm TBA
  • 8th December at 14:15 (TBA): Teemu Siiskonen: TBA

Spring 2023

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