28th January at 14:15: Kimmo Tuominen

Our first Physics Colloquium for the year 2022 will take place on Friday, January 28th. We will have a presentation to be given by Kimmo Tuominen, who recently became a Full Professor in our department.

Kimmo Tuominen obtained his PhD in the University of Jyväskylä in 2001. As a university lecturer he moved from Jyväskylä to Helsinki in 2013. He leads the research group focusing on dark matter theories, particle cosmology and, in collaboration with Kari Rummukainen, on fundamental properties of gauge theories. Since his early career, Kimmo has participated in teaching and development of higher education. He was nominated to the teacher’s academy in the University of Helsinki in 2017. He is currently the director of the Master’s programme in Theoretical and Computational methods and the vice-director of the Bachelor’s programme in physical sciences.

In his colloquium, titled Phases of gauge theories, Kimmo will present recent results in lattice field theory and its contribution to understanding gauge theory dynamics.

The event will be held on Friday 28.01.22 at 14:15, on Zoom (Meeting ID: 669 7589 3454  – Passcode: 543849).

Here is his abstract:

Our current understanding of elementary particles and their interactions rests on the paradigm of gauge theories. One of the most fundamental questions about a given gauge theory is its phase diagram. In particle phenomenology, this knowledge is needed, for example, to understand the Higgs sector or to build models of particle dark matter. Determining the vacuum phase of a nonabelian gauge theory requires understanding gauge theory dynamics beyond perturbation theory and is a computational grand challenge. Over the past decade significant results have been obtained by the international lattice field theory community in general and by the Helsinki lattice group in particular. I will review the motivations of these computations, summarize the present state-of-the-art results and discuss their scientific and societal impact.