Professor Nina Eliasoph (USC, Los Angeles) visits HEPO and presents her new book June 1 at 1 pm

Professor Nina Eliasoph (USC, Los Angeles) presents her new book on June 1 at 1 pm in the Sociology seminar room, Unioninkatu 35 (3rd floor)

Making Volunteers:

Civic Life after Welfare’s End

Princeton University Press, 2011

Welcome to listen and debate this print-warm US study combining many topical themes, also from the Finnish perspective!

Eliasoph’s study is a primordial read to all interested in the practices of a neoliberal project society and their consequences, the impacts of the dismantling of welfare state to the civil society, the tensions between civic engagement and social exclusion and inequality, as well as ethnographic research – in addition, it is an exciting book for anyone to read, full of sociological imagination!

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