Tutkijat / Researchers

The research project is led by LLD, M.soc.sc Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo (University of Helsinki). She is a lawyer and a legal philosopher with a background in social philosophy. In her research she analyses conceptions of persoonhood embedded in EU law. She teaches jurisprudence and legal theory, EU law and privacy law.

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LL.D., Docent Riku Neuvonen is currently working as a university lecturer in Public Law at the University of Tampere. He also holds the title of Docent in Media Law at the University of Helsinki. He is an expert on the law of privacy in the EU. He is specialised on the connections between privacy and other fundamental rights, especially free speech. Neuvonen has published extensively on personal data protection, privacy and media law.

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Neuvonen´s research activities in Helsinki

LL.M., M.Sc. Niklas Vainio (University of Turku) is working on his dissertation in which he studies how the rights to privacy and data protection are construed in Finnish and European telecommunications surveillance law. His other research interests include constitutional
law, theories of democracy and philosophy of technology. He has previously published on the philosophical and sociological aspects of free and open source software development.

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