Seminar on Privacy Theory 23 May

The Reconfiguring Privacy project organises a seminar with Dr Bart van der Sloot (Tilburg) on Wednesday 23 May at 13-16 in P545, Porthania. Van der Sloot will give a paper that will be commented on by Professor Juha Räikkä (Turku) and Dr Jens Kremer (Helsinki).
Bart van der Sloot works as Assistant Professor at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society. He has published extensively on privacy and personal data issues, including Privacy as Virtue: Moving Beyond the Individual in the Age of Big Data (Intersentia 2017). He is also the general editor of the privacy journal Euopean Data Protection Law Review.  

Please find more information about him here:
Everybody is welcome, no prior registration needed. Coffee will be served.


Seminar on EU Law and Social Relations 4-5 December

The Reconfiguring Privacy project will organise a workshop with the FOLIE research group from Sciences Po Paris. It will take place in Porthania P545 on Monday 4 December and Tuesday 5 December. The programme for the different sessions will be drafted a bit later.

FOLIE studies the role of European Union law in social relations and practices pertaining to migration, families, markets, territory, nations and other such formations of social life. The director of the group is Professor Loïc Azoulai, who has published extensively on theory of European law. His latest books include the edited volume ‘Persons and Personhood in EU Law’ (L. Azoulai, S. Barbou des Places, E. Pataut eds.).

Professor Azoulai will give a keynote talk on Monday 4 December at 1-3 pm.

Please find more information about FOLIE here:

Everybody is welcome to the event. No prior registration needed.

Seminar with Alexander Somek 20 September

Welcome to a research seminar with Professor Alexander Somek on European law on Wednesday 20th September in Porthania P545 at 2-5 pm. Professor Somek will discuss the topic ‘The European Model of Transnational Democracy’. No prior registration required.

Alexander Somek is Professor of Legal Philosophy at the University of Vienna School of Law (formerly Charles E. Floete Chair in Law at the University of Iowa College of Law). He has published extensively on public law and legal philosophy. His recent EU law related monographs are: The Cosmopolitan Constitution, Oxford University Press 2014; Engineering Equality: An Essay on European Antidiscrimination Law, Oxford University Press 2011; and Individualism: An Essay on the Authority of the European Union, Oxford University Press 2008.

The seminar is organised by the research project Reconfiguring Privacy – A Study of the Political Foundations of Privacy Regulation.

Reconfiguring Privacy is a research project that studies social and political dimensions of European Privacy and personal data regulation.