Seminar with Alexander Somek 20 September

Welcome to a research seminar with Professor Alexander Somek on European law on Wednesday 20th September in Porthania P545 at 2-5 pm. Professor Somek will discuss the topic ‘The European Model of Transnational Democracy’. No prior registration required.

Alexander Somek is Professor of Legal Philosophy at the University of Vienna School of Law (formerly Charles E. Floete Chair in Law at the University of Iowa College of Law). He has published extensively on public law and legal philosophy. His recent EU law related monographs are: The Cosmopolitan Constitution, Oxford University Press 2014; Engineering Equality: An Essay on European Antidiscrimination Law, Oxford University Press 2011; and Individualism: An Essay on the Authority of the European Union, Oxford University Press 2008.

The seminar is organised by the research project Reconfiguring Privacy – A Study of the Political Foundations of Privacy Regulation.

Reconfiguring Privacy is a research project that studies social and political dimensions of European Privacy and personal data regulation.

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