More positions available in Helsinki

The Faculty of Theology (University of Helsinki) is currently advertizing 2-3 doctoral student positions (Doctoral Programme in Theology). The programme covers all theological displines, including religious studies. The deadline of the applications is October 31, 2013. See more on this link.

Note also that the new Centre of Excellence “Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions”, funded by the Academy of Finland and the University of Helsinki, is also advertizing both doctoral student and post-doc researcher positions. The director of the Centre is Martti Nissinen. The dealine of the applications for these positions is November 6, 2013. See more on this link.

Seven applications received

The University of Helsinki received seven applications for the doctoral student position in the REECR project. The selection process proceeds as follows: The Project Director (Uro) and the Chair of the New Testamanent Doctoral Program (Ismo Dunderberg) will draw up a shortlist of applicants. The shortlisted candidates will then be reviewed by the external advisors of the project. The process may also involve interviews of the top candidates. The final decision will made in November.