PPRH at TRAC 2016!

Our panel at the TRAC meet in Rome next month is here.
Panel: Beyond Public and Private in the Roman House
Wednesday, 16 March 2016 from 14:00-18:00
Panel composition:
Kaius Tuori (chair)
1. Carla Brain: Venus in Pompeian Domestic Space
2. Laura Nissin: Questioning the functions of the cubiculum in the archaeological and literary sources
3. Antonella Pansini: The domus of Apuleio at Ostia Antica
4. Samuli Simelius: Were peristyles conspicuous consumption or a functional addition to the atrium house?
5. Polly Lohmann: Private Inscriptions in Public Spaces?
6. Thomas J. Derrick: Structuring Olfactory Space in the Roman House
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