Call for papers “Media control as source of political power in Central and Eastern Europe”

                            Workshop at the Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki organized by the Russian Media Lab in collaboration with the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen Helsinki, 02 – 03 September 2019 We invite proposals for papers to […]

Revolutions and corruption – A glimpse at post-Soviet press freedom in Armenia and Moldova

by Janne Suutarinen On 12 October the Media Self-Regulatory Organizations Network (MSON) gathered for a meeting at the Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki. The network brings together the media self-regulatory bodies of seven post-Soviet countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. MSON is supported by Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe (AICPE). The network […]

Russian Media Lab at the Aleksanteri Conference – 24-26 October 2018, University of Helsinki

The Russian Media Lab is well-represented at the 18th Annual Aleksanteri Conference “Liberation – Freedom – Democracy? 1918–1968–2018”. The project is hosting one round table, six panels and one plenary session! Further details on Russian Media Lab’s stream can be found below. Please consult the Conference website for the latest version of the programme. We look forward […]

Shouts from shadows: peculiar play in the Russian blogosphere – Interview with Dmitry Yagodin

by Janne Suutarinen “To me, it is not clear what would be more important for the society: to feel satisfied with these narrow streams of alternative information, or to forget about them and strive for more open opposition; to fight the propaganda and to protect the rights of journalists.” Dmitry Yagodin is a postdoctoral researcher […]

Russian Media Lab at #AoIR2018 conference

This week, Russian Media Lab will take part in the annual of conference of the Association of Internet Researchers in Montreal. RML is organising a panel on ‘Politics, Activism and Trolling on the Russian internet’, with papers by Galina Miazhevich (University of Cardiff), Mariëlle Wijermars (University of Helsinki) and Elena Gapova (Western Michigan University). In […]

“The situation is very difficult” – Finnish correspondent in Russia, Kerstin Kronvall, on Russia’s press freedom

by Janne Suutarinen Photo: Grigori Vorobjov Kerstin Kronvall is a journalist of Yle, Finland’s national public broadcasting company. Kronvall has worked as a foreign correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine and in Moscow, Russia. She has also worked as a Culture Councillor in Finland’s embassy in Moscow. Currently Kronvall is based in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she […]