Current projects

  • Sustainable journalism for the algorithmic future, 2020-2021
    • The project investigates how data-driven media practices and the increased influence of IT industries on media business affect journalism and its role in the public sphere. Integrating new evidence from a hybrid media system (Russia) into a comparative study, it helps understand the context-specificity of this impact and will formulate a vision on making journalism societally, economically and ethically sustainable for the algorithmic future.
  • Augmented Journalism: Shaping News Work in the Age of Automated Journalism, workshop series, 2020-2021
    • Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Augmented Intelligence (IA) are seen as key triggers of journalism’s quantitative turn today. Data-driven journalistic practices, together with practices of algorithmic and automated journalism, necessitate a reconsideration of the roles and relations within human-machine communication. We argue that a new professional paradigm has emerged based on human-machine interaction. The paradigm, which we term “augmented journalism”, requires a sustained and critical assessment of the reconfiguration of human and machine roles in news work. In 3 workshops (Helsinki, Stockholm, Bergen) we will set a research agenda for this emergent field and conceptualise the epistemological dimensions of augmented journalism.

Previous projects

  • STRAPPA: Strategies of Persuasion: Russian Propaganda in the Algorithmic Age
    • PI Mariëlle Wijermars has taken up a new position as Assistant Professor in Cyber-Security and Politics at Maastricht University. As a result, this project has been (partially) terminated on 15 August 2019. Project researcher Teemu Oivo continues his research until the end of March 2020, after which the project will be concluded.
  • Selling Censorship: Affective Framing and the Legitimation of Internet Control in Russia (PI Mariëlle Wijermars)