“No study of media is without its own politics” – Interview with Prof. Benjamin Peters on regimes of power in technological development, smart technologies, and Russian hackers

by Olga Dovbysh Benjamin Peters is the Hazel Rogers Associated Professor and Chair of Media Studies at the University of Tulsa as well as affiliated faculty at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Taking critical, historical, and global approaches, he investigates media change over regimes of time, space, technology, and power. In October 2019 […]

Online talk on Russian media in November: Media Freedom in Russia today

The Online talk in November will follow-up the themes of Freedom of Expression in Russia’s New Mediasphere. This volume, published last year by Routledge, assessed how the conditions for free speech are influenced by various factors. The volume focused on digital media and cross-media initiatives that bridge traditional and new media spheres. During the Online […]