Welcome to Helsinki in May 2023 for our Summer School in Samoyedic languages!

The Summer School on Samoyedic languages, organised by the University of Helsinki from the 29th of May till the 2nd of June, will provide you with a typologically oriented overview of the Samoyedic languages and their historic development. Beside listening to lectures, you will perform linguistic analysis and deduce structural patterns from raw data. The school will appeal to those willing to learn more about less-known Uralic languages, languages of Siberia, and historical linguistics. No prior knowledge of Samoyedic or Uralic is expected, only a general background in linguistics. The main audience of the Summer School are MA and PhD students in linguistics.

Finland has a long tradition of studying Samoyedic languages and cultures, which is still alive today. With this Summer School, cutting edge research at the University of Helsinki opens up to everyone interested in the structures of these distant relatives of Finnish. You will have a chance to make personal acquaintance to the few specialists in Samoyedic, most of whom work in Finland, and also to visit the National Library of Finland within the frames of the Summer School. The working language of the Summer School will be English, though some optional tasks may include data in Finnish, Russian, or German.

If you are a student of the University of Helsinki, you can get 5 credits for participating in the school (upon performing all the practical tasks, including a reading assignment and a learning diary to be submitted within two weeks after the end of the School).

Participation in the Summer School is free, but you need to register by the 15th of March 2023 here.

There is a limited number of travel bursaries available for students from outside Helsinki. If you want to apply for one, please, send your motivation letter, CV, and approximate budget by the 1st of March 2023 to olesya.khanina@helsinki.fi (subject ‘Summer School’).