The Summer School in Samoyedic languages will take place in the City Centre Campus, in the building of the Language center (Fabianinkatu 26, Helsinki 00100). Monday: room 405, Tuesday: room 406, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: room 115.

It is located next to the Senate Square with the Helsinki Cathedral. The National Library, the Market Square, the historic districts of Kruununhaka/Kronohagen and Katajanokka/Skatudden, as well as the sea will all be minutes away on foot.


The conference dinner on 1.06 will take place at Konstan Möljä (“Konsta’s Pier”), a traditional Finnish restaurant by the old docks of the Helsinki harbour, Hietalahdenkatu 14. It will be organised as a buffet dinner with a fixed price of 35 € (water and homemade ale included in the price, but other drinks and desserts need to be ordered separately). You will need to pay for yourself on site.  For more details see


An automatic reply from the system you have received after you registered for the School is a confirmation of your registration. There is no selection to the School: if you have registered, you have a right to attend.


Please, check the updated program on the School’s website ( to be sure you know what to expect and when. There have been some changes, but the hope is that the current schedule is the next-to-final one.

There are several categories of learning events you will be able to participate in during the School. Three classes (Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3) will take place during the whole week, with a focus on acquisition of mostly declarative knowledge (i.e. facts about Samoyedic languages), but including also exercises to help you master the information. The classes will contrast with tutorials, whose primary aim is to assist you in applying the more theoretical knowledge from the classes and learning a variety of practical skills (e.g. interpreting specific data, differentiating patterns, linking distinct types of data on the same phenomenon, getting acquaintance with particular corpora, designing linguistic maps, etc.). Finally, there will also be plenary lectures where prominent researchers in the field of Samoyedic languages and cultures will summarize some of their life-long studies.


You may have noticed from the program that there will be three online events: one plenary lecture and three tutorials (all other events will happen onsite only).

The School will take place in a class with remote teaching equipment, so all of us will be able to follow the presentations on a big screen in the class. However, the two online tutorials also presuppose exercises to be done on a computer during the class. So we expect you to have your own laptop with an Internet connection for the online tutorials. If you cannot organise this for yourself, please, let us know as soon as possible, but not later than next Monday, April 24: if there are many students without a laptop, we will try to find a computer class for the events.


The School will use an online learning platform of the University of Helsinki (called Moodle, from there you will be able to access all presentations and other materials that teachers will want to share with you. All tasks that need to be performed to receive credits for the course will be submitted via Moodle too. More information on how to login to the moodle platform will be sent later.


If you are a student of the University of Helsinki and would like to receive 5 credits for the School, you need to do all of the following:

– attend all learning events (a maximum of 2 events can be missed and you need to inform the organizers about it) and complete all in class assignments proposed by the teachers;

– read the recommended papers and answer the questions for each of them in writing (preferably before the School); the list of papers and questions to them will be sent to everyone within the next week, together with a link to the course page in moodle;

– submit a learning diary reflecting on the new knowledge you acquired during the School or from the reading assignment (5-8 pages): within the two weeks after the end of the School, i.e. by June 16;

– pass an online test in moodle which will check your acquaintance with the Samoyedic languages and your level of understanding of the studied matter: the test requires max. of 2 hours of your time, it will be open for you to perform at any time between June 2 and June 16. 

You can choose to skip one of the assignments (EITHER the reading, OR the learning diary, OR the test, but not the obligatory attendance) and get 3 credits instead.

Your assignments will be graded (1-5) by the end of June.


All premises of the University of Helsinki have an eduroam wi-fi. If you do not have access to eduroam, please, let us know in advance and we will try to arrange some temporary access to wifi for you. In principle, all educational institutions of the EU are supposed to have access to the eduroam network, so if you belong to such an institution and do not yet have an eduroam account, try contacting the IT services of your home institution first.


If you have not yet booked an accommodation for the School, we recommend to do it promptly: the prices vary quite a lot, and the sooner you take care of it, the more chances you have to pay a bit less than a fortune.

If you find an accommodation within the walking distance of the site of the School, you will be able to save on public transport (3.60 euros for a single ticket, see more at

There are also citybikes which you can rent any times a day for up to 30 min at a time, and a week pass costs 10 euros (see more details at and also check the map of stations: they are very numerous in the city center, but cover more remote areas somewhat unevenly).

If you have any question regarding the School, do not hesitate to contact us!

And if you decide not to come, please, let us know as soon as possible.