The Summer school was attended by ca. 30 students from 10 countries. About a half of them successfully received study credits by performing the necessary tasks in addition to attending the classes.

“… The course was organised really thoroughly and we had the chance to study a lot about a language family most people do not have the opportunity to at their own universities, so the topic was particularly good… I would specifically recommend this to people who are interested in Samoyedic languages, but I am sure other people (e.g. language typologists) can find it useful too. I cannot say anything that could have been done better. Maybe it could have been longer, than we would have been able to enjoy the classes and study even more…”

“…The lecturers are experts in the field… The course provided an opportunity to learn, network, and further collaborate with those with similar interests. It is also a resourceful platform to share and generate ideas… ”

“… I learned really a lot and the knowledge I have acquired is in many ways rewarding and valuable. At the same time, I enjoyed the classes very much. It was just an amazing experience to learn about the subject from the leading experts in this field and it was a great pleasure to be in such a diverse group of students, who are really engaged in the topic…”

“… The summer school was intense, and I have learnt a lot during this week… It has also extended my understanding of the Uralic language family and of the situation of minorities in the Siberian region. Also, it has given me many new thoughts regarding language contact, expansion and ‘movements’ of languages without movement of populations…”

“… I found this class helpful for three reasons: for the new knowledge and viewpoints about the Nganasan sound systems; for showing us how we can research something that conventionally is not said to be worth researching; and also it was very exciting for me to finally meet someone close to my age that is doing a PhD in Samoyedic, and more precisely, in Nganasan, it was rather inspiring for me…”