Minutes of soil guidance group 5.1.2018


Minna: Thesis is progressing. 3rd paper has sat on the editor’s board for one month. Working for Mari for 50%.

Elisa: Feeling relaxed, maybe. Working with data for the next MS – brand new ideas on the water flows in Hyytiälä from Ville K.

Mari M: Nice holiday. Early, happy phase with the new manuscript

Liisa: Applied for the title of docent. Started working 80% at FMI with J Liski. Still hanging here.

Jaana: Recovering from the holiday and getting hanging things done but also happily working with a manuscript after a long break.

Bartek: The editor of Science Trends contacted Bartek and accepted an article: https://sciencetrends.com/scientists-question-old-paradigms-tannin-interactions-organic-nitrogen-compounds-enzymes/  Soils has accepted an article entitled “Plant Secondary Metabolites…” Back is better!

Maiju: Nice time working with Bartek in Dec. Now discovering own mysterious Excel files.

Kajar: Still in holiday mood, getting back to work after some time. Similarity index is down enough and the reindeer paper is out in Land Degradation & Development, DOI: 10.1002/ldr.2868  President of Estonia invited to the independence day celebrations in Feb!

Pannu: Quite the same as previously. Everything more or less fine.

Mari P: Some struggles to get back to work. Happy time with the family and skis during holidays. Invitation to EGU equality session to give a career presentation. Rooms are still not ready in Biokeskus but hopefully the whole group will move there in Jan.

Presentation by Mari Mäki:

1) Diurnal, seasonal and inter-annual variation in VOC emissions in Hyytiälä during 2010-2017.

– Automatic soil chambers + PTRMS.

– Diurnal variation driven mainly by T and radiation

– Seasonal maxima usually in spring and autumn whereas on the ecosystem scale, maximum usually in late summer.

– High differences between years, T explains at least some

– Forest floor fluxes app few-10% of total ecosystem fluxes

– Planning for example mixed effect linear model for the fluxes

2) Forest floor fluxes, boreal forest vs. hemiboreal forest: SMEARII vs SMEAR Estonia

– Pine forest floors in Finland and Estonia are higher monoterpene emitters than those of spruce forests

– Higher emissions of sesquiterpenes in Hyytiälä

– Monoterpene emissions correlate with chamber T in May, other months not clear

Poster under construction…. By Pannu and Mari.

Next meeting on 19.1. room 3105 (Biokeskus 1, on top of cafeteria). More information later.

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