Minutes of soil guidance group 5.1.2018


Minna: Thesis is progressing. 3rd paper has sat on the editor’s board for one month. Working for Mari for 50%.

Elisa: Feeling relaxed, maybe. Working with data for the next MS Рbrand new ideas on the water flows in Hyytiälä from Ville K.

Mari M: Nice holiday. Early, happy phase with the new manuscript

Liisa: Applied for the title of docent. Started working 80% at FMI with J Liski. Still hanging here.

Jaana: Recovering from the holiday and getting hanging things done but also happily working with a manuscript after a long break.

Bartek: The editor of Science Trends contacted Bartek and accepted an article: https://sciencetrends.com/scientists-question-old-paradigms-tannin-interactions-organic-nitrogen-compounds-enzymes/¬† Soils has accepted an article entitled “Plant Secondary Metabolites…” Back is better!

Maiju: Nice time working with Bartek in Dec. Now discovering own mysterious Excel files.

Kajar: Still in holiday mood, getting back to work after some time. Similarity index is down enough and the reindeer paper is out in Land Degradation & Development, DOI: 10.1002/ldr.2868  President of Estonia invited to the independence day celebrations in Feb!

Pannu: Quite the same as previously. Everything more or less fine.

Mari P: Some struggles to get back to work. Happy time with the family and skis during holidays. Invitation to EGU equality session to give a career presentation. Rooms are still not ready in Biokeskus but hopefully the whole group will move there in Jan.

Presentation by Mari Mäki:

1) Diurnal, seasonal and inter-annual variation in VOC emissions in Hyytiälä during 2010-2017.

– Automatic soil chambers + PTRMS.

– Diurnal variation driven mainly by T and radiation

– Seasonal maxima usually in spring and autumn whereas on the ecosystem scale, maximum usually in late summer.

– High differences between years, T explains at least some

– Forest floor fluxes app few-10% of total ecosystem fluxes

– Planning for example mixed effect linear model for the fluxes

2) Forest floor fluxes, boreal forest vs. hemiboreal forest: SMEARII vs SMEAR Estonia

– Pine forest floors in Finland and Estonia are higher monoterpene emitters than those of spruce forests

РHigher emissions of sesquiterpenes in Hyytiälä

– Monoterpene emissions correlate with chamber T in May, other months not clear

Poster under construction…. By Pannu and Mari.

Next meeting on 19.1. room 3105 (Biokeskus 1, on top of cafeteria). More information later.

SOIL GUIDANCE GROUP 5.1.2018 @12:30

Dear all,

Our next soil guidance group meetings is tomorrow 5.1. @Metsätieteiden talo, 12:30-13:30 in room 332.


-short round

-Mari Mäki presents new results on soil BVOCs

-INAR poster discussion

-other information (meetings etc.)

Note also Janne’s email:

Thanks for those who have sent the requested information! For the others, please send it me and Mari. At the moment, “send 1-2 research questions / ideas / research themes to present in the poster: think big and aim at selling your/our topic to the atmospheric scientists” is the most urgent task.

If needed, we can arrange a photo-shoot for those who need a more recent picture (me or perhaps Kira can help with this).




Soil group meeting 15.12.17

Short round:

Outi: second paper accepted with subject to revision, sending the third paper soon to the co-authors, thesis summary started

Minna: last paper re-summited, writing thesis summary, employment in Mari’s group re-starting in January

Mari: enjoyed the holiday in Lapland, organizing moving of the group to Biokeskus 1 (planned to happen in January if everything gets ready), visited University of Gothenburg for planning of the future measurements and Nandita’s thesis. Need to recruit new people for modelling etc. Planning of greenhouse gas experiment etc.

Anuliina: finalizing the PhD thesis summary

Elisa: working on the Ms (last paper), Xmas stress

Bartek: can walk but not sleep, writing papers and waiting comments from submitted papers, supervising lab work, guest editor for ‚ÄúForests‚ÄĚ, commenting papers, etc.

Mari: submitted second paper, third paper on the way, data ready for fourth paper

Petteri: data files from Lettosuo ready for analysis

Xuan: writing the first Ms, summiting it before Xmas, writing the second Ms

Christine: working with data (statistics), writing materials & methods, waiting comments from the supervisors

Pannu: Good week, funding covered (official unemployment), started volunteer work, finalizing the summary for the PhD thesis

Kira: got working grant from the Kone Foundation for three years, working with Ms (statistics)

INAR kick-off in 12th of January: presentations of guidance group, poster needs to be designed, Mari will compile the first draft, important to advertise the group, presentation of themes that we are working with. Strategy, goal, impacts! Need to sell to the importance of soil processes to atmospheric sciences.

  • Everybody send your photo to Mari!
  • Think of a question/theme of your field
  • If you have nice pictures of soil, trees etc.

presentation by:

Christine Ribeiro: CO2/CH4 dynamics of the fire chronosequences

Mari Mäki will have a presentation in the next meeting 5.1.2018 klo 12.30.


INSTEAD: we go to listen to a PhD defence in Kumpula:

Pavel Alekseychik ‚ÄúMultiscale studies of the peatland-atmosphere interactions in northern Eurasia” on Friday, 1 December 2017, in auditorium Brainstorm (Dynamicum, Erik Palm√©nin aukio 1) at 12:00.

The Opponent is Prof. Torben Christensen (Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University).

The Kustos is Prof. Timo Vesala (Department of Physics, University of Helsinki).


Present: Kajar Köster (chair), Kira Ryhti, Liisa Kulmala, Petteri Pyykkö, Homa Ghasemi, Maiju Kosunen, Outi-Maaria Sietiö, Jussi Heinonsalo, Mari Pihlatie, Christine Ribeiro.

Short round:

Webpage for Soil Guidance Group available (with next meeting information and minutes from previous meetings)

Round presentation, and catch up on what everyone has been doing for the past two weeks: Kajar (Fire experiment possible in Canada in summer of 2018, LDD journal and its similarity index calculation program called iThenticate), Kira (fine roots in whole-tree carbon balance), Liisa (everything is under control!), Petteri (MSc student, introduced his works dealing with CH4 from Lettosuo), Homa (MSc Student, introduced her work dealing with methane emission from tree stem), Outi-Maaria (working with manuscripts), Jussi (explained his working tasks in different places), Mari (still on holiday mood!), Christine (struggling with HWSD software and processing data for her first manuscript).

Kira Ryhti’s presentation (Trenching experiment results from Hyytiälä) regarding her current activities and some results that will be in her next manuscript

Kajar shows the report on his paper that returned from Land Degradation and Development becasue to high similarity index. Ithenticate software.


Next meetings 1st December and 15th of December room 529, 12:30.

Presentations by Mari Mäki and Christine Ribeiro (Problem, how to work through the HWSD software)


There will be a soil guidance group meeting on 17.11. (Friday as usually) at 12.15 in room 529.


  • Round: feelings and tell shortly what you are working with right now
  • Presentation: we will have short presentation by Kira Ryhti
  • Other: raised up topics and issues


Soil Guidance Group has now its own small and simple webpage where you can find latest announcements and also all concluding ‚ÄúMINUTES‚ÄĚ of the meetings:


The meeting calendar is also updated at:



We have also established group email list: soil-guidance@helsinki.fi

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Soil guidance group meeting minutes from 27.10.2017

Present: Mari Pihlatie (chair), Antti-Jussi Kieloaho, Terhi Rasilo, Janne Korhonen, Xuan Zhou, Heidi Aaltonen, Bartek Adamczyk, Maiju Kosunen, Nandita Rajan, Donggyu Kam, Mari Mäki, Kajar Köster, Kristine Ribeiro, Liisa Kulmala, Kira Ryhti, Minna Santalahti, Laura Matkala, Teemu Paljakka, Tommy Chan

Short round

  • General introduction of what people are working with to introduce topics and people to everyone.
  • Mari P. (Academy fellow, ERC grant, forests and CH4 balance), Xuan (microbial biomass, arctic soils), Heidi (Carbon cycling, arctic fire -project), Maiju (bark beetles), Nandita (MSc student, starting N2O & N2 modelling), Donggyu (role of fire distribution‚Ķ), Mari M. (VOC exchange of soils), Kajar K√∂ster (disturbances and biogeochemical processes ‚Äďgroup leader; planning and applying funding for campaign in Canada 2018), Kristine Ribeiro (new PHD student, BOREALFIRE project), Liisa (C cycling in forest ecosystems, SMEAR II station), Kira (1st year PhD student; fine roots in whole-tree carbon balance), Minna (PhD student, microbiologist, writing thesis & finalizing last paper; fungal diversity in boreal forest), Laura (PhD student, V√§rri√∂ sub-arctic station; nutrient cycling, P & ground vegetation, CO2 effluxes), Teemu (4th year PhD student, water and sugar transport in whole-tree system), Tommy (post-doc, stem CO2 exchange setup, aerosols)

Kira Ryhti: AGFOREE 5-min test presentation

Discussions on group future

  • meeting every 2nd week, Kajar K√∂ster helping to organize / chair the meetings
  • scientific presentations every week: take responsibility to present your results / ideas
  • presenting and sharing problems & how to solve them, e.g. how to draw figures, use of statistics, programming tricks => Mari will open a google dogs to collect ideas for problems
  • remember that showing a graph is great, your presentation does not need to be polished (rather not J)

Runopiiri, writing club

  • positive ideas, going to a nice place and focusing on writing
  • no discussions in the big room, separate rooms for closed discussions among the people
  • team: Mari P, Kira, Pannu (Janne Korhonen)

Group email list: soil-guidance@helsinki.fi


Next meeting 17.11.2017


Kira Ryhti, possibly Markku Koskinen (new Post-doc in Mari’s group)