Altogether 35 doctoral students have graduated from Gender Studies Doctoral Programme at the end of the year 2014. A majority of the graduates have continued in the academic careers and have generally proceeded remarkably well in the academic world.

Gender Studies Doctoral Programme has organized doctoral education since 1995. During the first three periods, from 1995 to 2006, the doctoral programme operated under the name Gender System Graduate School; during the period 2007–2011 it continued as The Finnish Research School in Women’s and Gender Studies. During the current period of 2012–2015 the doctoral programme organizes doctoral education under the name Gender Studies Doctoral Programme.

You may view the annual reports of the doctoral programme (in Finnish) and find more information on its the history following the links provided below.

Gender Studies Doctoral Programme (2012–2015)

Annual report 2013 (in Finnish)
Annual report 2012 (in Finnish)

The old website of the doctoral programme can be seen here (in Finnish).

The Finnish Research School in Women’s and Gender Studies (2007–2011)

Annual report 2011 (in Finnish)
Annual report 2010 (in Finnish)
Annual report 2009 (in Finnish)
Annual report 2008 (in Finnish)
Annual report 2007 (in Finnish)

The website of The Finnish Research School in Women’s and Gender Studies can be seen here.

Gender System Graduate School (1995–2006)

Annual reports 2005 and 2006 (in Finnish)

More information about the events organized in 2006 can be seen here (in English and Finnish)

The website of Gender System Graduate School can be seen here.