Sustainability Education Research Group in the Research Day of the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Sustainability Education Research (SusEdu) Group is participating in the Research Day 2023 of the Faculty of Educational Sciences . The research day starts at 9am and extends through the day until 3.30pm, in Minervatori, Siltavuorenpenger 5A. More information can be found in the research day page (accessible only for the those with a UH account). Below is our group’s schedule for presentations.

Fri 03.03.2023, at 09.30–11.30 

Place: Minerva K113, Siltavuorenpenger 5A


The session is held in English. 

09.30-09.35 Introduction 

09.35-09.50 Reframing Nature in Worldview Education (Harriet Zilliacus) 

09.50-10.05 FEDORA project: Developing Future-Oriented Science Education, Antti Laherto

10.05-10.20 Utopian Methodologies to Address the Social and Ecological Crises through Educational Research, Antti Rajala

10.20-10.35 From Theory to Practice; Producing Research-Based Sustainability Education Course with Upper Secondary School Students, Anna Uitto

10.35-10.50 The SveaSus Project – Sustainable World Heritage Learning through a Phenomenon-Based Approach, Lili-Ann Wolff & Emma Heikkilä

10.50-11.05 Metaphors of Sustainability and Transformation in Students’ Video Storytelling in SveaSus Project, Marianna Vivitsou 

11.05-11.20 Sustainability Competences, Jenny Niu

11.20-11.30 Discussion and Closing the Session 

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